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Namo Narayana Center

Namo Narayanaya Center was formed in 2011 under the patronage & guidance of Vishwa Keerthi, Desha Bandu Awarded Prof. Keerthi Bandula Dissanayake. He is a Numerologist, Vastu Vidya Consultant & Family Counsellor.

Prof Dissanayake was the first to introduce the most powerful & correct hidden ritual for the right handed ‘Dana Lakshmi’ Valampuri Shanka (Conch) to obtain good health , wealth, Power, Lock, Love and Knowledge for Sri Lankans. In addition he highlighted the importance of wearing the correct gem according to the numerology in order to achieve all the success of your life.

Proffesor Kieerthi

Professor Keerthi Dissanayaka

  • Ex Tourist Board Chairman
  • W/P, Vishwa keerthi, Desha Bandu, Vasthu Vidya Consultant
  • Family Counsellor